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Arnaud Desjardines once said, “Life is movement, the more life there is, the more flexibility there is. The more fluid you are, the more you are alive”.

This beautiful quote is what motivates our team of Podiatrists and Physiotherapists. Movement defines life and the freedom to move is the key not only to our health, but also our happiness. Our treatment technique approach is holistic and based on the very current research of today modern medicine while still acknowledging some old school tricks that have been proven to work for years. Our health providers are not only patient, highly trained and  passionate but we absolutely love what we do. Our rooms are located at the Crosby Medical Centre near the Netcare Garden City Clinic serving the  the community of Crosby, Mayfair, Auckland Park, Fordsburg, Westdene or anyone in Johannesburg area.


We charge medical aid rates and submit directly to your medical aid on your behalf**. For those who will be paying cash please refer to our fees page.

Podiatrist at Netcare garden city clinic
Yaseera Hajee obtained her 4 Btech Podiatry degree in 2013 from the University of Johannesburg. She has extensive experience in all aspects of lower limb dysfunction and foot healthcare. She is registered with the HPCSA as well as the BHF Board. Here’s  a look at Podiatry services offered.
Physiotherapist in Netcare Garden City Clinic
Faeda de la Rey is a Registered Physiotherapist with a special interest in sport injuries, general muscle complaints as well as joint and bone healthcare. She obtained her 4 year BSc Physiotherapy (Honours) degree from University of Witwatersrand in 2011. Here’s a look at Physiotherapy services offered.
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Yaseera Hajee (podiatrist) and Faeda de la Rey (Physiotherapist) are registered health providers situated at Crosby Medical Center. Their rooms/practice is located near Netcare Garden city clinic, Medicross Sophiatown, Medicross Meldene, Auckland Park Rehabilitation Center, Helen Joseph Hospital and Fordsburg Clinic and easily accessible from Fordsburg, Mayfair, Crosby, Newclare, Brixton, Westbury Aucklandpark, Melville, Sophiatown and Braamfontein. Address: 42 Ingelby Road, Crosby. Tel: 0118391095. We charge medical aid rates and claim directly from your medical aid.