Physio services

What we treat:

Neck and back pain are common complaints and is treated with hands on manual therapy  approach. The joints of the spine, surrounding muscles and nerve structures are addressed as a whole system to resolve pain, dysfunction and improve movement.

Headaches often originate from the upper neck, shoulders or jaw (temporomandibular joint).  The pain experienced can mimic cluster headaches, tension headaches or migraines with associated shoulder and neck tension. They are effectively treated through manual therapy techniques, soft tissue release and joint movement techniques. 

Sports Injuries

We treat a large variety of Sports Injuries including rotator cuff injuries, ligament sprains, muscle sprains, ITB, joint aches and pains. The cause may be from biomechanical deficit, overuse, weakness or just a pure lack of luck. Our Physiotherapist will asses to find the underlying cause and treat the condition in such a way to avoid relapse while you enjoy continuing with your sport and fitness regime.

Post-operative rehabilitation

This specialty of physiotherapy is done after discharge from the hospital. Our Physiotherapists are trained in the treatment of post-operative orthopeadic procedures, fractures, spinal conditions and amputees. Therapeutic exercises, muscle strengthening, joint range of movement recovery techniques are actively done with the patient to regain optimum function. 

Chest conditions

 Chest physiotherapy is treatment done to  manage various chest condition. It works by clearing the airways of excess secretions associated with pneumonias, bronchitis, COPD, cystic fibrosis and other lung issues. A combination of nebulisation, percussion, vibration, suctioning and breathing exercises increases lung oxygenation and lung airflow.

Techniques we use:

Faeda de la Rey (Physiotherapist) is a registered health providers situated at Crosby Medical Center. Her practice is located near Netcare Garden city clinic, Medicross Sophiatown, Medicross Meldene, Auckland Park Rehabilitation hospital/Center, Helen Joseph Hospital and Fordsburg Clinic and easily accessible from Fordsburg, Mayfair, Crosby, Newclare, Westbury, Aucklandpark, Melville, Sophiatown and Braamfontein. Address: 42 Ingelby Road, Crosby. Tel: 0118391095. We charge medical aid rates and claim directly from your medical aid as long as you have funds available.

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